Fighting Talk: One More Round Meets Tyne Tees & Wear USL Development Challenge Belt Winner Ethan Garretty

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Fighting Talk: One More Round Meets Tyne Tees & Wear USL Development Challenge Belt Winner Ethan Garretty

After congratulating Ethan on his win at the weekend we got straight down to business, finding out everything there is to know about the 20 year old, lightweight amateur champ both in and out of the ring!

We started by asking Ethan how he got into the sport…
“I started boxing at age 15 which is usually considered quite late. I started as I was always quite a small lad and wanted to learn how to defend myself.”

Ethan went on to tell us about training at the Dunston and Teams Amateur boxing club and gave an insight into the additional training he puts in each week to increase his performance and to continually get better at the sport... 
“I tend to do at least 4 boxing sessions a week at the gym with my coaches and then supplement that with my runs and strength and conditioning training. I usually train around 9-10 sessions a week.”

After learning all about Ethan’s grueling training schedule we were eager to find out if he had a favourite punch…
“Without a doubt it has to be the jab, it’s what wins a fight for me”

Moving on from training we chatted more about Ethan’s most recent fight at the weekend, discussing the Tyne Tees & Wear USL Development Challenge Belt, we also found out more about life as a fighter in amateur boxing and fighting in the lightweight division (60kg or under).

We were interested to find out what Ethan felt what made him different from other fighters in the same division…
“My size and my height, I am quite tall for my weight which is something people usually struggle with, that coupled with my good boxing ability makes me very hard to beat.”

Ethan was happy to share some of his top tips leading up to a fight….
“The harder you train the easier the fight will be, so never slack in preparation. During the boxing season you may only get a day or two’s notice for a fight so always stay fit during the season as you never want to be in a fight you don’t feel prepared for. This has happened to me on numerous occasions but luckily I’ve been ready. The worst was a few hour’s notice and I had already eaten my tea, which wasn’t an ideal pre-fight meal to say the least ha ha, luckily I still got the win”

After learning all about the prep leading up to a fight, the dedication required for a grueling training schedule and the different amateur weight classes, we were keen to find out the qualities needed to make a good fighter…
“To be a good fighter you need a bit of talent but without heart, determination and discipline you won’t get very far. I’d say it’s definitely a combination of those four. I’ve seen plenty of boxers with massive talent but lacked the discipline and are no longer in the sport.”

We asked Ethan what it meant to him to be a boxer and who in the world of boxing is his biggest inspiration …
“To be a boxer it mean’s always having a constant goal to work towards, staying disciplined and a reason to always try to better myself.”

“My biggest inspiration in boxing is Vasyl Lomachenko. He had 396 amateur fights and only lost one, he has won 2 Olympic medals and since turning pro has won numerous world titles, its fair to see he has achieved mastery.”

From discussing Ethan’s biggest inspiration we were keen to find out about his own achievements and whether he had a favourite fight, coincidentally both answers were linked to the same fight…
“My greatest achievement in boxing so far has to be Winning a National Development Title at the age of 17, winning a National Title is something that can never be taken away from me and is a great personal achievement (hopefully it will not be the last). Winning the title has to be my favourite fight to date as all my family were there, it was a great occasion that I’ll never forget”

Getting really deep we asked Ethan what he would like to be remembered for at the end of his career?
“The fact that I wasn’t born into a boxing family, that I started relatively late and still managed to achieve good things in the sport.”

And we just had to find out who his dream fight would be…
“my dream fight would be for a world title, it wouldn’t matter who or where, I’d just love to box for a world title.”

It’s been a pleasure catching up with Ethan, such a wise head on those young shoulders, we’re excited to see where his boxing journey leads to…

Ethan’s One More Round Product Recommendation:

For anyone looking to purchase a pair of boxing gloves from the One More Round store to spar/train in, which pair would you recommend?
“I personally use the Ringside New 16oz Revolution G2 Super Pro Spa Velcro Glove in Black & White, they’re extremely comfortable and look very slick.”

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