Fairtex BGV14PT Painter Unique Velcro Boxing Gloves White/Black - 10oz

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Each pair of the Fairtex BGV14PT "The Painter" Velcro Boxing Gloves are individually hand-painted with a completely unique paint splash design.

Thanks to a groundbreaking new concept from Fairtex no two pairs of their Painter style gloves are the same. 

The new white and black 10oz BGV14PT paint splashed glove design comes with a long cuff to ensure a consistent weight throughout.

Constructed using Microfiber for the outer shell, the material is odourless, durable, flexible, soft, and has a real smooth finish, it's also vegan friendly with not being leather!

The innovative glove design makes it very easy to form a fist, helping you to save vital energy during your training sessions.

Coming with extra padding on the palm area for your safety and comfort, the BGV14PT Painter glove combines some of the characteristics from the classic Fairtex #BGV6 sparring gloves.


  • Every pair is unique
  • Individually hand-painted
  • Superior quality Microfiber
  • Long cuff for consistent weight
  • Easy to form a fist

  • Please note that due to the nature of the unique design concept, the design you get will vary slightly from the pictures shown.