Picsil Sport 3 Hole Eagle Grips Black - Large

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Looking to improve your grip and increase the number of unbroken reps you can complete during your workouts? Enhance your performance the "legal" way with a pair of Picsil Eagle Grips.

Thin, soft and resistant, the brand new large size Picsil Sport 3 Hole Eagle Grips in black offer Picsil's best grip to date thanks the micro diamond technology used in the fabric. 

In the words of Picsil Sport "feel the grip of an eagle every time you grab onto the bar".

The micro diamond technology ensures that chalk gets trapped on the grip, working like an extended release system, slowly releasing chalk as needed every time you go to grip the bar. 

  • Micro Diamonds Technology
  • Best grip 
  • Faster transition between exercises
  • Retains chalk, save time on re-chalking 
  • Makes training more efficient 
  • Coated with special rubber material
  • Fold easily