RDX AB Anklet Sleeve Socks - Black/Gold - Medium

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The large size RDX AB Anklet Sleeve Socks Support in Black & Gold allows you to push yourself that little bit further during post-injury training.

Designed with elasticated material to ensure a secure fit, enhanced durability and stretchiness.

The support sleeve is easy to slip on and off and very comfortable to wear during training and/or competitions.

The support is ideal for preventing injuries and essential for Tendovaginitis or sprain recovery.

The RDX AB Anklet is a high tech ankle brace, the perfect hybrid of stretch and strength, giving boxers and MMA fighters a product that lasts and lasts, whilst maintaining its original shape. 
  • Ideal for slipping into your kitbag
  • Can be machine washed
  • Polyrastic™ fabric mix 
  • Unique batwing design 
  • Ayz-F™ elastic for a secure fit and to improve movement and performance
  • Easy Slipastic™ slip-on feature