RDX C8 Adjustable Skipping Rope - Blue

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Looking to improve your cardio, build stamina, or add a bit of variety into your workouts? Then the RDX C8 Adjustable Skipping Rope in blue is the perfect choice for you.

Sheathed in durable PVC, the 10 foot, 2.4mm thick steel wire rope comes fitted with a pair of toggles to adjust the length.

The RDX C8's polymer handles are 16cm long and designed for perfect weight distribution, their metal tops have been installed with mini balls bearings for 360-degree swivel and total range of motion, allowing you to skip with more speed and accuracy.

Customise your workout with the option of adding weights to your skipping rope, each handle has a removable plastic cap at the bottom to add the weights.

Ropes come complete with an RDX waterproof nylon bag for accessible, tangle-resistant storage.

  • 10ft, 2.4mm steel wire with PVC sheathe for endurance
  • 16cm long handles for perfect weight distribution 
  • Mini ball bearings for 360-degree swivel
  • Toggles for customizable rope length
  • Detachable plastic caps at the bottom to add weights to handles
  • Waterproof nylon bag for storage