RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves - Pink - 12oz

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Robust and stylish the durable Maya Hide™ leather 12oz RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves in Pink & White are the perfect choice for female boxers. 

The RDX F7 gloves have been specially designed to fit female hands, guaranteeing the protection you need to spar in confidence against any opponent.

The RDX F7 ladies punching gloves have been uniquely engineered to fit a woman's hand anatomy and offer unbeatable shock resistance, ventilation and performance, built to last and last.

The elasticated inner-wrist band of the gloves together with the Quick-EZ Hook-and-loop provide advanced protection for thinner wrists.

  • Tough Maya Hide™ leather 
  • Shell Shock™ gel Equilibrium Sheet triple padding to absorb shock of every level
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop
  • Elasticated closure to cushion smaller wrists
  • QUADRO-DOME design tailored to support female anatomy and improve punching technique
  • Mesh palm design to keep hands dry and healthy