RDX HY Elbow Support Pads Black - Medium

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Guard your elbows with this medium size high-tech RDX HY boxing elbow support in black, the lightweight material is sure to keep you agile in the ring!

The advanced RDX HY elbow support pads are designed to cling to the arm whilst absorbing impact, for effective protection like you’ve never experienced before.

The unique compression fabric holds joints together securely, whilst boosting the circulation to prevent injury.

Additional features include moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and free from bad odours, low profile contour for comfort and cushioning and elasticated rebound to support your arm in all the right places.

  • Lightweight carbon fibre fabric padding to protect elbows
  • Compression sleeve design to encourage better blood flow
  • MMT™ technology for moisture wicking and zero odours
  • Ayz-F™ elastic for a secure fit
  • Low profile contour for efficient cushioning and performance