RDX K1 Gel Padded Knee Protectors Black - Medium

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Protect your knees and prevent injuries during training sessions with the advanced medium size RDX K1 Gel Padded MMA knee guard in black.

Suitable for beginners or pros, the RDX Knee protector is constructed from long-lasting woven carbon fibre.

The RDX K1 is a unique knee protector designed to hold your tendons and tissues securely in place, allowing you focus solely on your A-game.

Engineered with a number of cutting edge features, including moisture management technology, a special lining to prevents sweat or odour build up, contoured elastic to give you maximum support and a low profile knee pad for freedom of movement.

  • Resilient carbon fibre fabric
  • Woven for added strength and performance
  • Padded low profile knee area for maximum mobility 
  • Ayz-F™ Elastic - moulds to the contour of your leg for a snug and secure fit
  • MMT™ ventilation technology to keep your skin dry and healthy
  • QD-1™ lining with moisture wicking to prevent sweat or odour build up