RDX Neoprene Knee Support Brace Guard Red - S/M

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Made with Sineo™ material to ensure strength and AeroTherm™ moisture-wicking technology to keep your inner skin fresh and dry, the Small / Medium RDX Neoprene Knee Support Brace Guard in Red is the ultimate knee support.  

Designed to keep you performing to your best, the  NEO-II™ material used ensures compression, blood flow and heat retention.

  • Advanced T5 stitching™ for improved strength & resilience. 
  • Made using Sineo™ material 
  • AeroTherm™ moisture-wicking technology 
  • NEO-II™ material for compression, heat retention and blood flow
  • Ergonomically designed for contour fit
  • Conformity to the knee for quick healing