RDX O1 Professional Head Guard - Blue - Medium

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The Medium RDX 01 Professional Head Guard in Blue is made with high-quality Maya Hide™ leather covers and is extremely durable and well-built.   

The Zero Impact Head guard comes with triple padded Tri-Slab™ and Shell-Shock™ gel-lining between each slab for max shock absorption it also comes with Supremo-Shock Foam™ padding; guaranteeing a highly shock-absorbent product.

The optional removable face-grill is made of high-quality lightweight polymer for overall protection of the face.

The RDX 01 allows you to spar with complete confidence knowing you’re head is both safe and secure!

  • Tri-Slab™ with Shell-Shock™ gel-lining 
  • Quick-EZ™ Velcro closure, snug fit and ensures zero budge or slip
  • Maya Hide™ leather covers 
  • Removable high-quality face grill to ensure
  • Fully encompassed head protection 
  • Shock absorbent gel-lining with foam and padding