RDX O2 Professional Head Guard - Blue - Large

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The RDX O2 Professional Head Guard in  Blue has an authentic cowhide leather build with handstitched attention to detail.

The 02 Head Guard is designed to protect everything important from cheek to noggin’, the design snugly fits on your head without moving or budging out of place to obstruct your vision.

The Head Guards high-quality compressed EVA padding absorbs shock-impact efficiently and distributes force evenly throughout. 

  • Pro sparring head gear with cheek protection
  • Provides advanced shock-absorbency against high-impact shots
  • Highly-compressed EVA foam padding 
  • Handstitched and crafted using a unique moulding pattern for durability
  • Perfect zero-budge grip
  • Polyester threading throughout the guard ensuring unbreakable durability
  • Amara fabric inner along with strap under chin to allow zero-slip grip and comfy fit