RDX T17 Aura Boxing Focus Pad - Black/Gold/Pearl

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Bring out your athletes inner champ with the leather RDX T17 Aura series Boxing Focus Pad in Black, Gold & Pearl, the perfect speed mitts to build hand eye coordination and lightning fast combinations.

Handcrafted using RDX's signature paneling technique for durability and to control temperature fluctuation during training sessions the pads have been specially engineered for trainer comfort and to ensure maximum athlete output. 

The Aura boxing pads mold is backed by RDX EVA-LUTION foam padding to offer the ultimate shock-absorbency, consolidating charged molecules within the design of the pads to handle anything thrown at you. 

The focus pads come with a ball inside to assists in catching heavy strikes, giving your athlete enough resistance to train both power and speed combos.

The Hook and loop strap allows comfort adjustability according to wrist size, decreases the chances of pad slipping off from a hard strike.