RDX T17 Aura Boxing Gloves - Black/Gold/Pearl - 14oz

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The brand new Aura series 14oz RDX T17 Boxing Gloves in Black, Gold & Pearl have been hand stitched using durable Kalix Skin, a patented vegan material combat leather and come with an easy to apply high quality mid-width cuff constructed of injected foam for added protection. 

RDX are leading the way for hand protection with their innovative Nova Tech Patent Pending Flat Arc Radical Panel. The Radical Panel is molded to shape over the knuckle area, goes thinner at the base of the glove and has more volume of padding around the impact area of your fists to offer unbeatable support and protection during sparring sessions.

The technologies used in the T17 Boxing Gloves ensure that they have been built to last, ultra durable and specially designed to control temperature fluctuations and breathability, the gloves nylon mesh traps cool air while evacuating any hot moisture that gets trapped. 

Comfort is guaranteed with the Aura series, not only does the inner lining of each glove provide a pleasant experience they also wicks away moisture from the skin to keep your hands dry.