Rehband RX Knee Sleeve 5MM Red/Black - XS

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Combining stability, compression, and warmth, the extra small size 5mm thick Rehband RX Knee Sleeve in Red & Black is the perfect knee sleeve for giving you the freedom to move quick and with ease whilst offering the support you need for your varied training program.   

This Rehband knee sleeve has been engineered with a unique patent to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, the specially designed shape allows for an optimal and safe range of motions.  

The knee support is there to keep you focused on moving towards strength rather than injury, helping to guide your body to move correctly without limiting any muscle development around your knee.

Please note that the 5mm Red/Black Rehband RX Knee Sleeve is classified as a medical device and is sold as a single unit.

Key benefits:

• Knee sleeve helps to prevent injuries by protecting joints and soft tissues
• Warms and maintains muscle temperature as you train
• Engineered for a variety of training, including weightlifting and circuit training
• Constructed for a safe range of motions
• Improves muscle control and coordination
• Knee sleeve stays in place while working out
• Lessens strains on knees during high intensity training
• Rehband knee sleeve will fit the right or left knee
• The support gives you both a mental and physical feeling of safety
• Knee sleeve enables you to be agile and doesn’t restrict your movement
• Reduces wasted muscle energy
• Promotes blood flow to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery
• Knee sleeve helps to correctly guide your body’s movements
• Sold individually

Material & Care

• Made with 5mm SBR/ Neoprene
• Machine washable - warm; mesh delicate bag recommended