Rehband RX Original Knee Sleeve 7MM Blue - XL

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Built on a unique patent the extra large size 7mm thick Rehband RX Original Knee Sleeve support in blue ensures a secure and comfortable fit during every workout. 

This dense knee support offers powerful stabilization and mobility, giving you the tools to safely maximize your heavy lifting, focusing the energy of the muscles around the knee area for controlled power and acceleration.

The original Rehband 7mm support  is classified as a medical device and has been scientifically proven to be useful for the prevention of strains, wear and tear injuries and soft tissue overload.

Key Features:

  • Knee support offers strong stability, compression and warmth
  • Wearing the support gives a mental and physical feeling of safety
  • The sleeves compression helps to prevent injuries and increases muscle memory
  • Warming feature protects the joints and soft tissues from injury

Material & Care:

• Made with 7mm SBR/ Neoprene
• Machine washable, warm; *mesh delicate bag recommended